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New Zealand Wine Travel

Served at 10:48 PM on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The above is a teaser video around Wine Tourism(or wine-related travel, if you'd like to call it that) in New Zealand. It shows a second-generation NewZealander called Rebecca going around on her scooter to get a whiff of all things wine.

Well, with nice different growing regions, New Zealand wines offer great varietal characteristics due to subtle climate changes from the north to south of its islands. Fans of Sauvignon Blanc will be delighted by what many critics consider the world’s best. The country’s red wines, particularly pinot noir and cabernet/merlot blends, also receive recognition around the world.

If New Zealand as a Wine Travel destination excites you, you should try out Wineries at New Zealand.

We were away for sometime now, but we promise, we want to write more often in the time to come. Stay tuned, and be the Winetastic Foodaholic you folks have always been!

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