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Chargrilled Vegetables with Herbs and Pepper Sauce

Served at 7:35 PM on Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chargrilled Vegetables with Herbs and Pepper Sauce

What you need:

1 long fork, preferably with a wooden grip

1 large floret of Cauliflower (This is almost 1/4th or 1/5th of the whole)

2 medium sized potatoes

1 large Capsicum

Tabasco® Sauce, Mild Jalapeno Flavor (The local variations of pepperico and Capsico will do)

2 teaspoons Ground Pepper or pepper powder

Curds (one medium-sized bowl)

Stir Fry sauce (If you have it around, otherwie not very necessary)

2 teaspoons Oregano, Basil and any other herbs that you'd like (dried, flakes)

Half onion, sliced longitudinally, very thin

How you make it:

Stab the Floret with the fork, and sprinkle olive oil. Put it on the gas flame or choolha on low blast and use a cooking mesh if you can. You can also put it on a real barbeque or grill it in a microwave. But the flame thingy adds more to the flavor. Cook till semi-cooked, we don't want it soft and mushy. Make sure that the florets are smoked well.

Do the same to the Potatoes. Keep the peel intact while you do so. It comes off very easily later. To figure out how deep has the potato been done, just poke in a sharp knife and let it glide in smoothly. When it goes through, or at least till the core without much effort, get 'em off the flame.

Repeat the same with the Capsicum. Perforate the Capsicum on the sides with the Fork. You don't want it to go 'phut'. Then follow the same as above. Allow it to cook till it develops that smoked aroma, and becomes a little tender.

Separate the florets, as small as you'd like them to be. Peel and Sliver the potatoes, and keep watching for a color change near the core. This is the portion not well done. You could discard it or use it for another preparation later. Thin slice the Capsicum.

Now for the Sauce:

Sprinkle a hot wok with olive oil. Add the thinly sliced onion. Sautée till gold, but not crisp. Add a little stir fry sauce if available. Add the Tabasco®, just a few dashes. Add the herbs, and keep the tossing on. Just before the aroma is about to die out, splatter the pepper. Add salt to taste. Add the Chargrilled vegetables. Cook till the flavor sets in, keep it dry. Add the curds. Bring the wok out of the flame. Mix the contents off the flame.

Note: You can use very little of curds if you plan to use this preparation as a starter.

And Voila! You're all set to go!

This tongue-tickler goes well with risotto, or plain white steamed rice. It is slightly pungent, and full of textures, and could be paired well with a good full-bodied Syrah or a dense Merlot. Good blends like the medium-bodied Chateau Libertas, or the La Reserve from the Grover stable could be great pairings as well.

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Good going! Looks Scrumptious!
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